Roofing Contractors​

              Name                                                  Phone (h)               Phone (c)                      Email

Adam Wear - Wear Brothers Roofing 

Adam Gillis

Dale Hudson - FTF
Dusty Rice - Rice
Mike Woodworth- Stoney Beach Construction

Irving Woodworth- I.R. Woodworth Construction
Keith Troop902.532.

Scott Fairn - Annapolis Builders902.532

Larry Fairn - L.D. Fairn Construction.

Neil Cress- Neil Cress Construction
Glen Mugford - Mugsy 

Ray Hudson
Ian Tenniswood - KILR Construction

​​​​132 St. Anthony St. Annapolis Royal, N.S.


The contractors listed above are in no particular order. We take no responsibility for their work but feel confident you will have a good experience with these trusted professionals.  Please perform your due diligence,  ask for references and get a contract in writing.

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